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Curriculum vitae
Ilaria Sabbatini

 My university education commenced in the field of “Neo-Latin Philology”, under the guide of Professor Livio Petrucci (Normal School of Pisa). Afterwards, as a result of requirements related to the degree thesis, I chose to shift to the Medieval-Historical field, having intentionof combining the historical studies along with the philological ones in which I was educated.

            As a pupil of Professor Marco Tangheroni (Director of department of Medieval History – University of Pisa), in March 2004 I achieved the University degree at the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy of the University of Pisa, attaining the final score of 110/110 withhonours. The graduation thesis is entitled La jerosolomitanaperegrinatione” del mercante milanese Bernardino da Noli (1492). Dal codice della Biblioteca Nazionale di Lucca, ms. 1301, cc. 1r – 37V, it consisted of analysing the critical edition of the travel chronicle.

            After attaining the entrance to the PhD in “Studies in Ancient History, Middle-Ages and Renaissance” at ISU (Institute of Liberal Arts), Florentine branch of the SUM (Italian Institute of Human Sciences), since 2005 I have been carrying out my research activity, regarding the representation of the Near- East in the late Medieval pilgrimage diaries, under the guide of Professor Gherardo Ortalli (University Cà Foscari of Venice) and of Professor Franco Cardini (University of Studies of Florence).

            In 2009 I got a doctorate with a thesis titled:  L’Oriente dei viaggiatori. Diari di pellegrinaggio fiorentini tra XIII e XVI secolo [The East of travelers. The diaries of Florentines pilgrims between the thirteenth and sixteenth century]. Since 2006, I joined the Scientific Advisory Board, of the magazine «La porta d’Oriente». In 2009 I co-founded the series «Viatores» for the types of Maria Pacini Fazzi publisher and since then I am a member of the Scientific Council, which publishes books and studies about the journey and the pilgrimage.  Since 2012 I collaborate with the magazine CUCO – Edible Culture that deals cultural questions.


2014 Research fellowship at  SISMEL (International Society for Medieval Latin Studies)
2009 Ph.D. in Studies in Antiquity, Middle Ages and Renaissance. Italian Institute of Human Sciences (SUM) – Florence
2004 Degree in Modern Literature – University of Pisa
2000 National school of chemistry for cultural heritage. Interdivisional group of chemistry for cultural heritage. Italian Chemical Society


Professional activities
2014 Responsible in charge of the project of the project ARVO – Digital Archive of the Holy Face. Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca, SISMEL (International Society for Medieval Latin Studies), EMAM (Équipe Monde Arabe et Méditerranée) University of Tours.
2013 Consulting and organization for the series of lectures: Genesis and cosmologies. The myths of the origins before and after the faiths of Abraham. (Capannori, Lucca)
2012 Consulting and organization activities for event: The wall over the idea – Days of Remembrance 2013 (Capannori, Lucca)
2011 Consulting and organization activities for event: Memories returned. The nazi extermination of the disabled – Days of Remembrance 2012 (Capannori, Lucca)
2009 Consulting activities and coordination of the exhibition: “I want to be a thinking heart”. Women over the persecutions – Days of Remembrance 2010 (Capannori, Lucca)
2007 PRIN Corpus italicarum peregrinationum (CIP). Digital archive of travel books and pilgrimage to the Holy Land, Latin Orient and Levant. In the context of this research I published my monograph of 2009.
2005 Participation to the BDI project (Italian Digital Library) for database RICaBiM (Repertoire of inventories and catalogues of medieval libraries) – International Society for the Study of Medieval Latin (SISMEL). Cataloguing and digitization of the inventories of medieval libraries.
2002 Responsible of the course for teachers on new applications of computer in the teaching of humanities (Coreglia Antelminelli Comprehensive School)
1998-2002 Responsible of computer lab for didactics in the humanities (Integrated Project Area – P.I.A., Coreglia Antelminelli Comprehensive School)
1998 Coordination of the conference Aevum. The games in the middles age (City of Bagni di Lucca)
1998 Consulting and organization activities for project Via Francigena. Collection and cataloguing digital of historical and artistic material (Society for Socio-Economic Studies Matraia).
1997 Coordination of the conference Pievi, pilgrimages, piety in the Middle Ages, construction of an educational exhibition and creation of a multimedia training CD (City of Bagni di Lucca)
1997 Project Places of faith, study and identification of pathways related to the ancient Via Francigena (Region of Tuscany – City of Bagni di Lucca)

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